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Live Performances

Jazz in the Shadows—Songs of Film Noir

Feinstein’s at the Nikko, San Francisco, CA, January 21, 2016

Reviewed by Steve Murray for Cabaret Scenes  (Full Review) 


"The stock image of the seductive, mysterious and often dangerous character is vividly brought to life in this wonderfully crafted show by Laura Ellis."


The Vista Press

Laura Ellis Puts Moonlight's Club M In a Jazz Mood/ Full Review

Review of March 11, 2016 Performance


"As Ms. Ellis took the stage it was apparent we were in for an entertaining evening as her exuberant personality lit up the stage. "


Fan Review  Feinstein's


"Beautiful evening - lovely songs, sweet patter, and an all-together great set...BRAVO!"





On "Contrast"


"The two standout tracks without a shadow of a doubt (no pun intended, yet gratefully received) are the ones featuring Laura Ellis, whose mesmerising, heaven-smooth vocals are unforgivably underused."  -Critical Gamer


"Adding to that was Laura Ellis‘ performance of the game’s opening track, “Kat’s Song” as well as the later track “House on Fire”, both of which were just incredible. I put off starting the game up, a game I’d been waiting 2/3 of a year to play, just to listen to her sing all the way through the title track."  -Mash Those Buttons


"The accompanying musical score is a low, jazzy mix, and does the nearly impossible job of capturing the time period and locales perfectly, though special mention must be made of Laura Ellis’ superb vocal work." - Gaming Bolt


"Fans of the smooth and sultry sounds of Jazz will not be able to resist the sounds of 'Contrast'. Whether as a performance by Didi's mother, or as simple background music, Compulsion Games brilliantly enlisted the vocals of Laura Ellis to help set a near perfect mood for the entire game. While I've never been a prolific fan of Jazz, the songs that were chosen and the way they were delivered left a lasting effect on me well after the game ended. It's not often I seek out the soundtrack to a particular video game, but this is one that I could envision adding to my music library."   -High Def Digest


"Even more remarkable are the two vocal tracks by Laura Ellis. Listen to them on Spotify and tell me you’re not astounded. I dare you."- Daily Game

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