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Broken, Lovely

Bring Me To Life.mp3Laura Ellis
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It was a great honor to be on the first round ballot  for Best Jazz Vocal Album for the 59th Annual Grammy Awards!  



On her new CD, "Broken, Lovely", Laura sings of loves lost, found and impossible.  The album features a wide range of styles and eras...  From traditional jazz standards like, "What's New?" to unique stylings of modern songs like "Fire and Ice" (Pat Benatar), "Bring Me To Life" (Evanescence)  and "Bathwater" (No Doubt).   It is her most personal and creative project to date.   With beautiful arranging by John Rodby and lush instrumental performances by some of the best musicians in the business, these songs are bound to be a make their way to your favorites playlist.






Review from itunes fan:


There is a notion that great jazz standards must come from the golden area of Cole Porter, Jerome Kerns and others. While the great American sound book is a treasure, there is a plethora of newer songs that are begging to be interpreted. 

Whether she's singing Bonnie Raitt (Guilty) or Pat Benatar (Fire and Ice), Ellis brings her A game to the table. 

A personal favorite is "If you want me" from the Once soundtrack. Ellis aches as she's sings "if you want me, satisfy me". 

There's also some whimsy as the No Doubt number "Bathwater" sounds like it was recorded on 18th and Vine in the 1920s. 

Broken, Lovely speaks to the timelessness of heart break and longing. Porter and Kern would love it!


Arrangements and Direction: John Rodby

Engineer: Wayne Cook  Hound Sound Studios

Glendale, CA

Vocals: Laura Ellis

Piano: John Rodby

Bass: Harvey Newmark

Drums and Percussion:  Mark Z. Stevens

Tenor Sax: Terry Harrington

Guitar and Banjo: Grant Geissman

Woodwinds: Phil Feather

Trumpet: David Pittel

Additional Guitar: Dave Murdy

Violin and Concertmistress: Marcie Vaj

Violin: Jenny Takmutsa

Viola: Margot Aldcroft 

Background vocals: Chuck McCollum

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